Wedding without a toastmaster

With a small number of guests or celebrating a wedding event at home, you can do without a toastmaster. Organization of competitions can be entrusted to witnesses or to a close friend, who will be happy to take on the honorary role of Toastmasters at your wedding. The main thing is that this role goes to a communicative, cheerful and friendly person.

About how to make your evening unforgettable, best of all may know exactly your close friends and you. You can invent your own competitions and work out a program scenario with your husband-to-be and the witnesses. It will be a fun activity in the wedding turmoil. Perhaps it is the preparation for the wedding that you will later remember with great pleasure. Or you can have each guest come up with one or two contests for the other guests.

It’s not too difficult to prepare a large amount of music in advance, combining fast dances with slow dances. And at the end of the evening, you can organize a karaoke sing-along.

The main thing is to stock up on good music, dances and mood. After all, if there is a positive attitude, it is perfectly possible to do without a mass entertainer.

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