What questions the priest can ask before the wedding ceremony

In the past, weddings were an obligatory stage of uniting hearts in love, but today couples often limit themselves to getting married in a registry office. Getting married is a serious step, which means that you are 100% sure in your feelings, and are not afraid of responsibility to each other and to God. If you decide to take this step, you have to prepare seriously. First of all, for a conversation with a priest. What questions will he ask?

1. Have you been baptized?

An unbaptized couple will be denied the rite. If one of them has embraced the faith and the other has not, a special permission must be obtained for the wedding procedure. If you are of different religions, no such permission is required. In any case, all points of contention should be reported at once.

2. Is the decision to get married voluntary?

Answer with complete honesty. As the saying goes, “Better a bitter truth than a beautiful lie.” Because a marriage that is consummated under duress is not recognized as valid. If you say that you took this step to please your relatives, the clergyman will not be able to set the date of the wedding until he discusses the problem with you and finds the best way out.

3. How do you feel about a possible divorce?

Of course, if you love each other very much, such a question will definitely leave you perplexed. But the priest will certainly ask if you are considering such a development.

4. Do you want children and how will your life change once you have them?

On the one hand, a childless marriage is considered “inferior” by the church. On the other hand, the minister needs to see how serious you are about your decision and whether you are ready to have children and raise them in the Christian tradition.

5. When do you want to get married?

In Orthodoxy it is possible to perform this ceremony not every day, and in Catholicism in general you need to prepare in advance. It is necessary to agree on the date with the priest. After all, if the couple has decided to get married, they must respect the laws and orders of the church.

6. Have you been married before?

If you have been married before, permission can be given again, provided there has been a church divorce or if the marriage has not been recognized. If this was the situation, you need to be explicit about it so that a solution can be found as early as possible.

7. Are you married in a civil registry office?

No clergyman will permit the wedding of couples who are not formally married. This will make the clergyman very wary and think you are a frivolous couple, since you are not officially registered.

Think in advance what you will answer, try to take into account all the details, be as sincere as possible, and then an important part of the preparation for the wedding will be successful.

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